SSAM Holiday Video 2017

At SSAM, we believe in sharing our messages in a number of ways across a variety of platforms.  Check back often to see what new videos we have posted!

Walking into SSAM to settle a case has never been more entertaining!  Watch our holiday winter wonderland video and smile!

As Santa climbed a steep wall to make his final New York delivery, the wall crumbled below him. Santa fell to the ground and broke his hip!
Santa’s counsel knew exactly where to go to get a fair and fast settlement for Santa!
SSAM Arbitration and Mediation heard the call and immediately took action; calling the insurance company, selecting their neutral and arranging a mediation time.
As Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive at SSAM they are nervous but hopeful for a successful experience.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at SSAM!
Bill, Mike, Rob, Pam, Jodi, Janine, Alexis, Samantha, and Karen

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