SSAM adr is a boutique dispute resolution firm devoted to resolving cases of all types and complexities.

From Neutral Selection, Training, Settlement Techniques and Programs to the Physical and Cognitive Resolution Environment, our quest and commitment is to provide exceptional services, space and culture in a company that seeks to deliver unparalleled results and an exemplary experience.

Our Neutrals


We hold our neutrals to the highest standards in the industry.

More than simply experienced judges or practitioners, our neutrals are selected and evaluated on the basis of impeccable character, integrity, intelligence, preparedness, creativity, empathy, as well as their analytic, strategic and communication skills.


Dispute resolution is a multi-faceted art form. That’s why our neutrals receive ongoing academic training in the most creative progressive and effective strategies to handling challenging cases and complex disputes. 

Our on-going commitment to educational development is demonstrated by our dynamic programs, workshops and CLE courses.


Based on the case at hand, the issues presented and the temperaments of the parties, our neutrals will use a variety of resolution techniques, well rooted in empathy and intuition – practicing directive or facilitative techniques as appropriate to reach a suitable resolution.

Our Services


Mediation & Arbitration

SSAM offers traditional mediation & arbitration, utilizing a wide range of techniques and practices to deliver successful settlements for our clients.

Commercial Mediation

SSAM Commercial Mediation offers comprehensive complex commercial ADR services. Its panel of neutrals are practitioners of law at the highest level, offering diverse expertise and deep industry-knowledge across a wide range of legal areas.

Virtual ADR

Created specifically as a result of the 2020 pandemic, but an ADR model we expect to be used forever, our virtual mediation allows the parties to mediate from anywhere with any device.

DP Program

When one side needs an evidentiary exchange from the other before being ready to mediate, our DP program service will manage and effectuate that exchange, at no cost to the parties.

Personal Injury

One to One

An excellent program for when plaintiff’s counsel gives us a list of 5 – 25 cases against one carrier and our team goes to work to facilitate one to one dedicated mediation day(s) to move these cases to closure.

PSM Program (Pre-Suit Mediation)

Before a suit, but after a claim is made to an insurance carrier, our PSM program manager ensures necessary information is exchanged in preparation for this early stage but significant cost saving mediation.

Mass Torts Division

For Mass Torts and Class Actions, SSAM has significant experience in creating programs to navigate the complexities inherent in mass claims and resolutions.

Multi-Party Mediation

In suits involving multiple parties, when not all agree to mediate, we have expertise bringing reluctant parties to the table to negotiate positive resolutions.

Our Culture

We are proud that we look at the world differently than any other alternative dispute resolution firm. There are three things that we truly believe in that make up the foundation of our philosophy and culture.


We believe that there is an art and science to dispute resolution and we are committed to elevating the industry standard.

From the carefully selected legal professionals that facilitate and direct our mediations and arbitrations, to the unique and innovative programs and services that we provide, we spare no details in creating an environment and a community that breeds cooperation and collaboration.


We believe that communities that connect and respect are communities that thrive.

As neutrals we facilitate connection and we see ourselves as the “common ground” of the advocacy community. We trust and expect that the relationships we create throughout the SSAM community will lay the groundwork for enhanced trust and respect which are the cornerstones of every successful mediation.


From top to bottom, we are a high-touch and decidedly personal team, and we care about each client, all disputes and every aspect of our service.

We have dedicated our firm and ourselves to both our clients and to the ongoing educational needs of our industry and community. We know it takes relentless determination to identify and understand the challenges our clients face and to facilitate their successful resolution.


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