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20 - December 2017
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SSAM Holiday Video 2017

At SSAM, we believe in sharing our messages in a number of ways across a variety of platforms.  Check back often to see what new videos we have posted!

Walking into SSAM to settle a case has never been more entertaining!  Watch our holiday winter wonderland video and smile!

As Santa climbed a steep wall to make his final New York delivery, the wall crumbled below him. Santa fell to the ground and broke his hip!
Santa’s counsel knew exactly where to go to get a fair and fast settlement for Santa!
SSAM Arbitration and Mediation heard the call and immediately took action; calling the insurance company, selecting their neutral and arranging a mediation time.
As Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive at SSAM they are nervous but hopeful for a successful experience.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at SSAM!
Bill, Mike, Rob, Pam, Jodi, Janine, Alexis, Samantha, and Karen

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28 - July 2017
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Neutral Character Traits: TRUST

In attempting to redefine ADR, we can build a zen-like space to promote an atmosphere of conciliation. We can create innovative products and services like the ADR 2 Step and our Case Unilateral Submission Program (CUSP). But most importantly, at the end of the day, it’s essentially about the Neutral and the multifaceted construct of their character and abilities.

20 - February 2017
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Mediation’s INVISIBLE Best Friend

A substantial disagreement with your significant other ends, thankfully, short of all-out war. Amazingly, minutes later , your partner pulls a 180 degree turn and starts talking calmly about what the problem is and how to resolve. But, you are absolutely not ready! The constructive part of your psyche has been shut down by the pit in your stomach and negative energy within. All you can think of is walking away from the disagreement and coming back to the dispute at another place and another time…or maybe you’ll just shelve it and never revisit it.  Sound familiar? (more…)

14 - February 2017
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The Tale of Two Mediators

Imagine 2 parallel universes where the exact mediation is going on in both places.   Same parties, identical fact patterns.   In universe A, Dan Direct is the mediator and in universe B, we have Frank Facilitator. (more…)

09 - February 2017
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Creating Your Own Reality


I was watching a New York Giants Football game years ago– the Giants made various mistakes but generally played a very good game. Due to a last minute, unlucky bounce, they lost. The next day the narrative on talk radio and most callers was “Bad Giants”. But for that bad bounce, the narrative would have been “Good Giants”. (more…)