SSAM Med Mal Neutrals: Judicial and/or Practical Experience

Hon. Marvin E. Segal
Sup. Nassau/Med Mal Trial Part 20+ years

Extensive Med Mal conf’s / trials
Hon. Gerard H. Rosenberg
Sup. Kings Med Mal Trial Part supervisor

Extensive Med Mal trials

Conferenced 1000+ Med Mal cases
Hon. Thomas D. Atkinson
Practitioner: Extensive representation Med Mal plaintiffs and defendants

Representative Client: Northwell Health System
Hon. Edward G. McCabe
Sup. Nassau Admin Judge: created Med Mal part

Sup. Nassau Trial Judge: Extensive Med Mal conf’s / trials

Practitioner: County Attorney, Nassau County and Nassau County Medical Center
Hon. W. Gerard Asher
Sup. Suffolk Trial Judge

Extensive Med Mal confs / trials

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