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Virtual ADR

I write this during the early stages of the pandemic of 2020. The world has changed in an instant yet everyone yearns to conduct business as close as possible to normal. As the Courts have shut down, we have created a Virtual ADR (V-ADR) solution for our carriers and counsel clients to continue to move files.  The program is appropriate for any case, including all upcoming suspended trials.

Our Virtual ADR program allows for:

  • Mediate/Arbitrate Anywhere- from office, home or any location
  • Use of any device- desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
  • PRIVATE breakouts between neutral and each side
  • PRIVATE text-chat between counsel and client
  • Free Software- cloud based no fee software
  • Secure/ Confidential- end to end encryption, password protection
  • Less Time/ Expense- no travel time or travel cost
  • More Productive- you can multitask during the mediation wait time

Plus, we have created a very unique pricing program- a NO FEE 2nd chance option. You can call us for details.

Even beyond the emergency caused by the current pandemic, we believe that V-ADR will be part of the permanent landscape of ADR due to the various benefits outlined above. We have already had great early success with the program.

Difficult times create opportunities for growth and change. Together we will weather this once in a lifetime storm.

Stay healthy,

  • Parties get full credit for the cost of the virtual mediation if they come in-person for a follow-up mediation within 90 days of the end of the NYS State of Emergency
  • Time equivalence will be honored: e.g. if your V-ADR was for 1.5 hours, you will receive 1.5 hours free in-person

SSAM’s Word for 2020: CONNECTING

Happy 2020! The future is upon us! At SSAM, as we reflect on the past, we also look forward to what we want to focus on in the coming year.

The one word which comes to mind is Connecting.

First, we want to connect with our clients. We want to know how we can best serve them and how we can best help them move cases to settlement. We have many programs to accomplish this, such as our:
  • Trial ADR program for upcoming trials,
  • Mandatory compliance program for cases that must be mediated under the new rules,
  • Ever-expanding carrier day program,
  • Bronx backlog program,
  • Our fixed price arbitration program,
  • and more…
Second, we want to connect our key carriers with our key plaintiffs’ counsel. The mediation world is relationship driven and we have developed significant recurring and loyal clients over our 3 years of existence on both sides.  Ask us how we can connect you to develop these relationships which will critical to foster trust and thereby increase resolutions.
Finally, we want to connect our clients with our Neutrals. The more our clients know our Neutrals and vice versa, the easier and faster and more deeply they can develop a connection and relationship which is critical to the development of trust. Trust in our Neutrals and their trust in our clients is critical to success and also makes for an exemplary experience.

Here’s to connecting in 2020!


2019 End of Year Docket Clean up

As the end of 2019 approaches, SSAM is working to help you clean up your docket.

Submit your cases ASAP and we will work on getting them heard on one of our “Clean Up Your Docket”
designated days:

December 9th – New York City Location
December 11th – Long Island Location
December 16th – New York City Location
December 17th – Long Island Location

How to Submit:
Enter case information on our Digital Case Submission page.

20- Aug2019
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SSAM CEO, Bill Groner’s book, 9/12: The Epic Battle of the Ground Zero Responders, releases on Sept 1st

SSAM ADR, is proud and honored to share this message from our CEO, Bill Groner.

My book, 9/12: The Epic Battle of the Ground Zero Responders, is scheduled for release September 1, but Amazon has just started shipping!

The story chronicles the nine-year long battle for redress waged by ten thousand responders that I  represented, as it dramatically unfolded in and outside the courtroom. Many of them still are suffering cancers and other illnesses, and have mourned the death of colleagues, as a direct result of their heroism. Yet despite their loss of physical function and friends, many of the responders say they would do it all again.


Their humanity and commitment to community is an inspiration to us all, and it was a privilege to tell their story.

I hope you will buy the book, as I will be donating all the net proceeds from book sales to honor these selfless Responders. TO ORDER and for more information about it, visit

And if you like 9/12 as much as Erin Brockovich and Kenneth Feinberg did, I would appreciate it if you would let Amazon know (ie, post a review).

Many Thanks,

20- Jun2019
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SSAM is growing!

SSAM is growing! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring a few more faces into the SSAM family.

SSAM is a fast paced, dynamic environment filled with room to learn and grow. For both of these positions the perfect candidate would be highly organized, able to multi task, have a positive attitude geared towards team work and excellent phone skills.

SSAM has offices in both Westbury, Long Island and New York City.


SSAM ADR seeks experienced Scheduler for Mediation coordination and follow up. Mediation or Plaintiff’s Personal Injury experience a plus! Fast paced, dynamic environment.

Positive work environment, lots of room for advancement. Salary commensurate with experience. Please e-mail your resume.

Account Associate Manager

SSAM ADR seeks a salesperson to aid the account managers with incoming cases, coordination and follow-up. Plaintiff’s Personal Injury or Insurance Adjuster experience a plus!

If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact Karen Ostrach at


Vote for SSAM ADR!

SSAM Arbitration and Mediation is honored to be on this year’s ballot for the

New York Law Journal’s Best of Reader Rankings

At SSAM, we’ve made it our mission to give you the best ADR experience.

If you like what we are doing, then we ask for your vote in the New York Law Journal Best of Reader Rankings

Vote SSAM Alternative Dispute Resolution

Best ADR Provider 


Best Online ADR Resource

To vote for SSAM as your #1 ADR provider:

  1. Click here for the NYLJ Reader Rankings
  2. Enter your information
  3. Find SSAM Arbitration and Mediation in page 4
  4. Vote for SSAM in questions #63 and #64
  5. Continue to the end and click DONE to complete survey!

As we grow we are determined to make ‘The SSAM Experience’ a rewarding one.

We are also honored to have 5 of our neutrals as part of the selections for

Best Individual Mediator and Best Individual Arbitrator

Please vote for one of them on Page 4, Numbers #61 and #62 of the survey.


Thank you so much for your support!


SSAM Med Mal Neutrals: Judicial and/or Practical Experience

Hon. Marvin E. Segal
Sup. Nassau/Med Mal Trial Part 20+ years

Extensive Med Mal conf’s / trials
Hon. Gerard H. Rosenberg
Sup. Kings Med Mal Trial Part supervisor

Extensive Med Mal trials

Conferenced 1000+ Med Mal cases
Hon. Thomas D. Atkinson
Practitioner: Extensive representation Med Mal plaintiffs and defendants

Representative Client: Northwell Health System
Hon. Edward G. McCabe
Sup. Nassau Admin Judge: created Med Mal part

Sup. Nassau Trial Judge: Extensive Med Mal conf’s / trials

Practitioner: County Attorney, Nassau County and Nassau County Medical Center
Hon. W. Gerard Asher
Sup. Suffolk Trial Judge

Extensive Med Mal confs / trials
21- Feb2019
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We are proud to announce the opening to our NYC office space on March 20th, 2019!

SSAM’s new Manhattan office will feature a serene, well-planned design focused on creating a collaborative energy and an exemplary experience.  The 5,000 square foot space will provide the showcase for warm, inviting conference rooms, relaxing lounges with plush seating, and comfortable breakout spaces that offer a pleasing respite between mediations or a cozy venue for more intimate meetings.  The high-tech space, modern library, and amply stocked Urban Coffee Bar will provide interactive spaces that foster a sense of community, while the integrated speaker system will distribute soothing sounds of jazz throughout the space.

Want to be one of the first to see the new space?

Email or call 516-741-0100

20- Feb2019
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Impending Trial ADR Program (TAP)

With eLAW as our Strategic Partner, we have created the impending Trial ADR program or TAP. Using our eLAW target matching program we can identify those of your cases that are close to trial in each County. These upcoming trials are  prime for settlement before expending labor intensive trial prep and the associated heavy trial costs, for experts, investigators, process serving, etc.

To facilitate these settlements, each month we are scheduling specific ADR dates for each County with our top neutrals for that county.

To participate, simply call or email SSAM indicating your counties of interest and we will provide your firm with a list of your cases that have a trial conference coming up in the next 45-60 days. Our expert staff will then reach out to the other side to efficiently set up a date with one of our highly skilled neutrals to effect resolution of your case.

Of course, If you are interested in another date or neutral of your choice, just inform us and we will happily accommodate any such request.

With eLAW by our side, SSAM is quickly becoming the standard in ADR and the settlement solution for your precise needs.

30- Jan2019
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eMediate: The “button” that empowers you to streamline ADR

At SSAM we are focusing on everything possible to elevate and advance the ADR experience. To do this, we focus our attention on processes and programs that range from the progressive (such as promoting the next generation of trusted neutrals that target maximizing resolution rates) to the seemingly less significant (for instance, the actual process for how one submits a case).  

Let’s look at our latest focus – the submission process.  Here, SSAM has pre-launched an innovative Digital Case Submission Program, which is introduced in conjunction with our Investment Partner, and trusted industry resource, eLaw.   From the eLaw website, clients simply click the button labeled eMediate, which electronically submits a form to us that self-populates with all relevant court system data that exists for the case.  All you have to do is add your contact info. There is no need to pull files or sift through piles of paperwork before submitting a case.  One button and its done. This means it takes less time for clients to submit a case.  Giving them more time to work on their files.


To take advantage of our pre-launch and to access the eMediate button simply navigate to your case on eLaw and click the eMediate button


Stay tuned for many other projects that we and eLaw have in development.