SSAM’s Word for 2020: CONNECTING

Happy 2020! The future is upon us! At SSAM, as we reflect on the past, we also look forward to what we want to focus on in the coming year.

The one word which comes to mind is Connecting.

First, we want to connect with our clients. We want to know how we can best serve them and how we can best help them move cases to settlement. We have many programs to accomplish this, such as our:
  • Trial ADR program for upcoming trials,
  • Mandatory compliance program for cases that must be mediated under the new rules,
  • Ever-expanding carrier day program,
  • Bronx backlog program,
  • Our fixed price arbitration program,
  • and more…
Second, we want to connect our key carriers with our key plaintiffs’ counsel. The mediation world is relationship driven and we have developed significant recurring and loyal clients over our 3 years of existence on both sides.  Ask us how we can connect you to develop these relationships which will critical to foster trust and thereby increase resolutions.
Finally, we want to connect our clients with our Neutrals. The more our clients know our Neutrals and vice versa, the easier and faster and more deeply they can develop a connection and relationship which is critical to the development of trust. Trust in our Neutrals and their trust in our clients is critical to success and also makes for an exemplary experience.

Here’s to connecting in 2020!


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