Virtual ADR

I write this during the early stages of the pandemic of 2020. The world has changed in an instant yet everyone yearns to conduct business as close as possible to normal. As the Courts have shut down, we have created a Virtual ADR (V-ADR) solution for our carriers and counsel clients to continue to move files.  The program is appropriate for any case, including all upcoming suspended trials.

Our Virtual ADR program allows for:

  • Mediate/Arbitrate Anywhere- from office, home or any location
  • Use of any device- desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
  • PRIVATE breakouts between neutral and each side
  • PRIVATE text-chat between counsel and client
  • Free Software- cloud based no fee software
  • Secure/ Confidential- end to end encryption, password protection
  • Less Time/ Expense- no travel time or travel cost
  • More Productive- you can multitask during the mediation wait time

Plus, we have created a very unique pricing program- a NO FEE 2nd chance option. You can call us for details.

Even beyond the emergency caused by the current pandemic, we believe that V-ADR will be part of the permanent landscape of ADR due to the various benefits outlined above. We have already had great early success with the program.

Difficult times create opportunities for growth and change. Together we will weather this once in a lifetime storm.

Stay healthy,

  • Parties get full credit for the cost of the virtual mediation if they come in-person for a follow-up mediation within 90 days of the end of the NYS State of Emergency
  • Time equivalence will be honored: e.g. if your V-ADR was for 1.5 hours, you will receive 1.5 hours free in-person

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