Creating Your Own Reality

09- Feb2017
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Creating Your Own Reality


I was watching a New York Giants Football game years ago– the Giants made various mistakes but generally played a very good game. Due to a last minute, unlucky bounce, they lost. The next day the narrative on talk radio and most callers was “Bad Giants”. But for that bad bounce, the narrative would have been “Good Giants”.

A close friend was about to be 50 and not very happy about it. He was feeling his life was more than half over, and he was on the decline. After having an enlightened conversation with a confidant, he reported a 180 degree turn, and felt the next day was the first day of his life. He appreciated his lot in life, his wisdom and that the future held many possibilities for growth. Same friend, same situation, completely different outlook just days apart. What do these disparate things have in common? Simply, the notion that we all create our own realities.

One bounce didn’t make the Giants go from being a good team to a bad team. One conversation didn’t change my friend’s life from negative to positive. Rather it was the Giants’ fans and my friend’s perspective that changed their perception. How we and others perceive things is often a result of what we create in our own minds.

In creating our own reality here at SSAM (Settlement Services Arbitration & Mediation), we wanted to transcend the status quo and reimagine ADR in ways that no firm has ever thought to do before. Our reality includes studying the art and science of negotiations, mediations and arbitrations and improving upon each variable and every nuance that affects positive outcomes. We also care deeply about the relationships that are made in the process in our community of advocates and neutrals. With respect to the physical and cognitive environment, our reality is based on creating an atmosphere that is so relaxed and serene that it satisfies your creature comforts and puts you in a better state of mind. In this space, we change our reality and that of our clients to breed an environment that is conducive to settling disputes and building relationships based on trust and respect.

We’re truly proud of our reality, and invite you to experience it.


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