28- Jul2017
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Neutral Character Traits: TRUST

In attempting to redefine ADR, we can build a zen-like space to promote an atmosphere of conciliation. We can create innovative products and services like the ADR 2 Step and our Case Unilateral Submission Program (CUSP). But most importantly, at the end of the day, it’s essentially about the Neutral and the multifaceted construct of their character and abilities.

When we talk about character, trust is at the forefront. A party MUST trust the neutral. This is the essence and fabric of ADR.

As a party in the mediation process, you must Trust that the neutral will listen. Trust that they will understand your position. Trust that they will identify the weaknesses of your opposing party and in the most appropriate and respectful way, communicate that. Trust that they will keep confidences. Trust that they push down the innate subjectivity we all have and regardless of their own leanings be completely unbiased. Trust that when the parties are stuck, that the Neutral can be creative and employ impasse resolution strategies to break the logjam. Trust that they will care and that they will work hard and long and do everything reasonably and ethically possible to bring the parties together.

Trust spawns respect. Respect inspires communication and open-mindedness, and from that, the foundation of compromise is set.

We pledge to work on forging these traits within our neutrals on an ongoing basis. A necessary component of maintaining these high standards is feedback and we ask, in fact, we implore our clients to give us constructive feedback whenever possible about our neutrals and our services.

Most important, we stand by everything we aspire to be. If any client ever feels that our neutral did not espouse these values, we will waive our fee, upon one condition. That we receive specific feedback that we will in turn use to do our job; educating, training and inspiring our neutrals to engender respect from every client, in every case.


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