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SSAM on New York Law Journal’s Best of Reader Rankings

SSAM arbitration and Mediation is honored to be on this year’s ballot for the

New York Law Journal’s Best of Reader Rankings

Best ADR Provider Best Online ADR Resource

In the last year, SSAM Arbitration and Mediation has experienced explosive growth. SSAM CEO, Bill Groner, has set out to alter the landscape of the ADR community. Our philosophy?  Respect and care for our clients, your time, the costs & every single aspect of the ADR process.

Through the impeccable neutrals we hand select, the cognitive and physical environment we have created & the innovative programs we offer, we are working to redefine the art and science of dispute resolution. Together these facets move more cases to closure and settlement in a genuinely pleasant setting.

If you like what we are doing and would like to see SSAM Arbitration and Mediation become the new norm in this industry, please vote for SSAM as your preferred ADR provider.

To vote for SSAM as your #1 ADR provider:

  1. Click here for the NYLJ Reader Rankings
  2. Enter your information
  3. Find SSAM Arbitration and Mediation in section 6
  4. Vote for SSAM in questions #1 and #5
  5. Continue to the end and click DONE to complete survey!

As we grow we are determined to make ‘The SSAM Experience’ a rewarding one.

Thank you for your support.


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