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SSAM ADR is honored to welcome Justice Martin M. Solomon to their panel of Mediators and Arbitrators

January 27, 2018 – New York, NY – SSAM ADR, an award-winning boutique dispute resolution firm, headquartered in Westbury, NY, is honored to welcome Justice Martin M. Solomon to their panel of Mediators and Arbitrators. Justice Solomon has been a staple of the New York judicial system for over 20 years and personifies the ideal judicial temperament exhibiting characteristics like patience, open mindedness, courage, courtesy, firmness, understanding, compassion and humility.

For over two decades, since his election to the Civil Court in 1995, Justice Solomon has served as a Judge. Elected to the Supreme Court in 2003, he was appointed to the Appellate Term for the 2nd, 11th and 13th Judicial Districts in 2012.

During his tenure, Justice Solomon has earned a reputation for productivity, and for instituting the first calendar calls in his assigned part in Richmond County in 2004. With his trial part assignment, he was one of the most effective judges in settling hundreds of cases and as an Associate Justice of Appellate Term, he helped dispose of a backlog of hundreds of no-fault cases.

Justice Solomon is active in the City and the State Association of Supreme Court justices, focusing on Court Unification, and the pension death gamble for judges.

Justice Solomon has had a long career as a public servant. Working for State Senator Albert B. Lewis and succeeding him in the New York State Senate in 1978. During his tenure in the Senate, Solomon was the ranking member of the Insurance Committee, and at various times served on the Judiciary, Banks, Rules, and Health Committees. He also acted as Assistant Minority Leader for Policy and Administration and especially active in healthcare and insurance. This was in addition to chairing the Senate Democratic Task Forces on Health Insurance and Medical Malpractice. He also served as a member of the executive Committee of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators and chaired task forces on Integrated Financial services and Insurer Investments.

While in the Senate, Justice Solomon also maintained his private practice, with an emphasis on co-op conversions and real estate transactions from 1976-1995. He holds  a B.A. from SUNY Albany and a J.D. from New York Law School.


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