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A new view for ADR, 27 stories above Manhattan: SSAM’s expansion to NYC


SSAM’s new Manhattan office will feature a serene, well-planned design focused on creating a collaborative energy and an exemplary experience.  The 5,000 square foot space will provide the showcase for warm, inviting conference rooms, relaxing lounges with plush seating, and comfortable breakout spaces that offer a pleasing respite between mediations or a cozy venue for more intimate meetings.  The high-tech space, modern library, and amply stocked Urban Coffee Bar will provide interactive spaces that foster a sense of community, while the integrated speaker system will distribute soothing sounds of jazz throughout the space.

This is the vision that we and our investment partners, eLaw and PM Legal, have for our NYC expansion.  The space is currently under construction and scheduled to open in mid to late March 2019.

We continue to be fascinated by the interplay between the physical and cognitive environment and how this can affect mediation outcomes. Our Long Island flagship location, in Westbury, was built with these factors in mind.  Its success has validated our belief that an exceptional environment can positively impact the mediation success rate: in 2018 our last 700 mediations (latest tracking period) have resulted in an 84% resolution rate.

Located one block from Grand Central, our 27th floor Manhattan space will provide clients with a handsome and tranquil backdrop to resolve their litigations without having to go through the complete trial process.

Of course, providing trusted neutrals is a critical part of our success. At SSAM, we work continuously to vet and develop the next generation of neutrals that embody the skills that we feel are critical; integrity, respect, communication, empathy, preparedness, likability, perseverance, and intelligence.

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