Step Inside SSAM

From the moment you step through our front doors you will understand that SSAM is as much an “experience” as it is a choice destination for hosting successful arbitrations and mediations.
In designing the offices, our CEO, William H. Groner was passionate about creating a space that was unprecedented among mediation and arbitration firms.  Great care was taken with every detail in the planning phases to build a high-tech, comfortable,  artfully designed and serene space that fosters communication and collaboration in a relaxing, spacious and professional environment.

The philosophy behind SSAM is one of reimagination, commitment to community and a dedication to the services we provide and the counsel and carrier clients we serve.  We understand that there is an “art” and “science” that addresses every nuance of the ADR process.  Through the décor, layout and amenities of our offices, we continue to elevate the industry’s standard for dispute resolution.  Within our walls, we offer legal professionals an environment that breeds community and fosters a cooperative and collaborative spirit.

Our clients enjoy the use of our:

Mediation & Arbitration Rooms – specifically designed to achieve resolutions

Breakout Spaces – that provide privacy on demand

Lounge Areas – that offer a calming and comforting place to regroup and relax
coffee bistro and kitchen – offering boutique coffees and snacks
administrative and concierge services – to help make your time with us as productive as it can be

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