30- Jan2019
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eMediate: The “button” that empowers you to streamline ADR

At SSAM we are focusing on everything possible to elevate and advance the ADR experience. To do this, we focus our attention on processes and programs that range from the progressive (such as promoting the next generation of trusted neutrals that target maximizing resolution rates) to the seemingly less significant (for instance, the actual process for how one submits a case).  

Let’s look at our latest focus – the submission process.  Here, SSAM has pre-launched an innovative Digital Case Submission Program, which is introduced in conjunction with our Investment Partner, and trusted industry resource, eLaw.   From the eLaw website, clients simply click the button labeled eMediate, which electronically submits a form to us that self-populates with all relevant court system data that exists for the case.  All you have to do is add your contact info. There is no need to pull files or sift through piles of paperwork before submitting a case.  One button and its done. This means it takes less time for clients to submit a case.  Giving them more time to work on their files.


To take advantage of our pre-launch and to access the eMediate button simply navigate to your case on eLaw and click the eMediate button


Stay tuned for many other projects that we and eLaw have in development.


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