20- Feb2019
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Impending Trial ADR Program (TAP)

With eLAW as our Strategic Partner, we have created the impending Trial ADR program or TAP. Using our eLAW target matching program we can identify those of your cases that are close to trial in each County. These upcoming trials are  prime for settlement before expending labor intensive trial prep and the associated heavy trial costs, for experts, investigators, process serving, etc.

To facilitate these settlements, each month we are scheduling specific ADR dates for each County with our top neutrals for that county.

To participate, simply call or email SSAM indicating your counties of interest and we will provide your firm with a list of your cases that have a trial conference coming up in the next 45-60 days. Our expert staff will then reach out to the other side to efficiently set up a date with one of our highly skilled neutrals to effect resolution of your case.

Of course, If you are interested in another date or neutral of your choice, just inform us and we will happily accommodate any such request.

With eLAW by our side, SSAM is quickly becoming the standard in ADR and the settlement solution for your precise needs.


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